Programs & Services

Our mission is to give children the education they need to grow academically and as good citizens. With that goal firmly in mind, we strive to provide a quality educational program to motivate and challenge each student, while providing for individual differences and special needs students.

 Message From The Provider

We never lose sight of the fact that parents have entrusted the care and education of their children to us. We owe both student and parent the best education possible.

A Hundred Years From Now

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove ... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.



Programs & Services

Put Your Childs Future First !!!!!!!

Our activities are in the fields of:
-Basic Spanish
-Outdoor play
-Music Therapy
-Sense related activities (smell, sight, feel)


Developing Social Awareness and a Positive Self-Concept
It is our goal to encourage children to participate as part of a group, learn to accept consequences for his or her behavior, develop increasing self-control and positive self-image. Children learn to enjoy being at daycare, while parents are working or attending school.

Language Development and Reading Readiness
Children experience the job of listening to stories and then acting out simple dramas. The young children learn to express themselves orally and expand the vocabulary they use on a daily basis. By the time children complete Junior Kindergarten, most will recognize the verbal spelling of their own name, upper and lower case letters, sounds associating with letters and have the ability to write their own name.

Numeracy/Math Readiness and Science
We will introduce math concepts through simple geometric shapes and counting. At the end of the Junior Kindergarten period, children count in sequence to 30, sort by size, shape, and color and show interest in the clock and the time. Children begin to think of uses for numbers.

Physical Development
At the beginning of the Junior Kindergarten year, the child is learning to walk with coordination, and kick objects, perform simple finger plays and communicate bathroom/potty needs. As the child ends his or her Junior Kindergarten years, he or she will learn how to lace their shoes, skip, and swing by themselves.

Fine Motor Skill Development
The children will be presented with opportunities to work with scissors, pencils, crayons, small pegs and beads for stringing. Children explore a wide variety of manipulative and art materials. These prewriting experiences help


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